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Jennifer Church, Library Information Technology Educator               

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."— Walt Disney

Library Information and Book Checkout Policy

Library Information and Book Checkout Policy


Students may check out one book at a time.

All books may be checked out for two weeks and may be renewed on an as needed basis.

Classes visit our library on a regular basis for instruction and checkout.

Students may utilize our Open Check Out program which allows students the flexibility to visit the library individually on a more frequent basis.

Parents, please help to ensure your child is a good library citizen and returns his/her book on time. 

Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources

  • As a student of Mary Orr Intermediate, you have FREE access to the following resources anytime/anywhere you have internet access.
  • These online resources will link you to a wealth of information including reference books, magazines, newspapers, and images.
  • Ask library staff for usernames and passwords.


Brittanica School


Gale Virtual Reference Library


Kids InfoBits


National Geographic Kids


Gale Student Resources in Context


Student Resources

Student Resources

Books & Reading

Research & Websites

Research Tools
Citation Tools