Intermediate Schools 3X3 Basketball Tournament

On February 1st, a select few Mary Orr Tigers played in the Mansfield Intermediate district wide 3 on 3 basketball tournament. The gym was packed with fans cheering for their teams and what and exciting atmosphere it was!

Our 5th grade girls: Anaya Juarez, Esmee Martin, Faith Baysah and Isa Garnica played with hustle and heart!

Our 5th grade boys: Aiden O'Neal, Jaylien Warren, Michael Mathiesen, and Sam Benton showed their skills and speed making it to the semi-finals, which ended in a tie-breaking free-throw shoot out.

Our 6th grade boys: Carter Gilmore, Donovan Daniels, Jace Domino-Gipson and Ryder Hartmen took down their opponents, as they swept their way to the championship game where they came in 2nd place.

And last but certainly not least, our 6th grade girls: Alayah Johnson, Elliot Bekerman, Izzy Ruiz and Lucia Herrera crushed their way past all the other schools and received gold medals for winning 1st place in the whole tournament!

Thank you to all the teachers, family members and friends who came out to cheer them on. WAY TO GO MARY ORR TIGERS!